5 unique bathroom cabinets ideas

Bathroom cabinets are of importance especially in bringing out a stylish yet distinct ambiance to your bathroom area. They also provide for extra storage capacity especially if you have a congested bathroom space or lack enough storage space.

You don’t have to live in a palace in order to come up with unique ideas for your bathroom cabinets. Here are some unique bathroom cabinet ideas that will turn your bathroom area into your fortress.

Minimalist Cabinets

Cabinets take up lots of space, especially when set up in small spaces or rooms. If your bathroom has a small space, then going for a minimalist design will work out perfectly. You can set up one big cabinet in one corner where you can store all your bathroom items.

Another option would be to set up floating cabinets to allow you to achieve an extra floor space giving your bathroom an illusion that is extra big.  

Different Cabinets for Different Items

Unlike minimalist cabinets, if you have a large bathroom, you can opt to go for large cabinets that cover a big space. The cabinet can be one free-flowing unit or single free-standing cabinets placed in different areas of the bathroom.

With several cabinets in place, you can opt to store similar things in one cabinet. You can have a towel cabinet, bathing soap and lotion cabinet, medicine cabinet and so on thus creating order in your bathroom.

Guest Cabinet

A guest cabinet is a unique idea that you can explore within your bathroom if you don’t like sharing your bathroom items with your guests. The good thing about it is that the cabinet does not have to be a large-sized one.

A single free standing with 3 or 4 shelves inside will be good as it will allow you to store inside necessary items like soaps, shower lotions, towels and other toiletries that your guest can use. They will appreciate the hospitality big time.

Mid-century Theme

This one has a more modern and elegant touch to it. With a much bigger allowance, this will give your bathroom ambiance and overall structure.

The bathroom cabinets consistent with metallic handles and pulls on both sides especially with layered surfaces and a white polished touch will create a majestic persona.

Tall levelled cabinets on either side stretching towards the ceiling bring decadence to your bathroom. On the other hand, cabinets below the faucets give room to place essential bathroom necessities.

With flowers placed over the counter and presented with lovely decorative bowls and you have yourself a magnificent space.

Modern Glam Theme

With modern-day cabinetry comes sleek and glamorous fixtures with nicely designed wood and its relational parts, handles, and doors.

There’s no need for a big space in order to make room for your modern cabinets. A small spacious unit can still do the magic.

Dark shade cabinets with wooden handles, hinges, and legs can look funky coupled with a nicely designed vessel sink, faucets, overhead lamp, flower vase, and a huge front mirror.

Furthermore, you can work with a theme of your choice if there’s a uniform balance in your bathroom.

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