Here’s how to choose a cheap trampoline for your backyard

by Aiden

A good way to get your kids to come outside and be active is by getting them a trampoline. Kids get a little bit of exercise and fun while playing with the whole family on a trampoline. Whether it is a cheap trampoline or an expensive one, some things must be considered for a backyard trampoline.

So here are some factors to consider when choosing a trampoline pas cher.

Factors to consider when choosing a cheap trampoline

1. In-Ground And Above Ground Trampoline 

When it comes to in-ground and above-ground trampolines, there are pros and cons. Most above-ground trampoline installations are accounted for by mid-level and budget trampolines. They are simple to assemble, depending on your level of technical skill.

These installations do not need any change in the infrastructure in the area. However, choosing to purchase an above-ground trampoline comes with ownership responsibilities. First, lightweight trampolines can be swept off the ground by wind if it is not fastened.

When lightweight trampolines are not fastened to the ground, there is a risk of tipping over when excess weight is placed on one side of the trampoline. The owner needs to ensure that it is fastened after the installation of the trampoline.

In-ground trampolines do not require such fastening and they eliminate most structural issues that can take place after it has been set up. For in-ground trampolines, there are no bulky obstructions to the surrounding area.

In-ground trampolines do not also need to be properly installed for them to be sound structurally.

2. Trampoline Shape And Style

Trampolines are available in many shapes and sizes. This means there are probably too many options to pick from when you want to purchase a trampoline for your backyard. A rectangular trampoline could be what you need. It has a more proportionate bounce allowing for better control.

A premium rectangular trampoline usually has heavy-duty springs to enable acrobatic bounce. It also has more space and padding for acrobatics.

Beginners can go for the circular springless trampolines. This type of trampoline is suitable for new trampoline bouncers. Though this circular trampoline design offers less space and a less powerful bounce than other trampoline patterns.

The circular trampoline tends to drag bouncers to the center of the circle. This means that it is not suited for acrobatics or any form of heavy bouncing. Children looking to expand their skills easily outgrow the circular trampoline.

3. Who Will Bounce? For How Long?

Since all cheap trampolines have weight limitations, it is important that before you go out to purchase a trampoline you should know who will be using it in the family. Trampolines with high quality may take more weight.

The weight limit is important as it is not uncommon to see more than one person bouncing on a trampoline at the same time.

4. Location And Quality

Always remember that you should buy cheap trampolines from companies that allow you to buy spare parts. This gives you an opportunity when the time comes, to replace springs and pads to ensure the safety of your children or any other person making use of the device.


For those who live in coastal areas, make sure treatment has been carried out on the trampoline frame for salty air. Quality trampolines usually have their frames galvanized to enable longevity and avoid rusting.

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