How to Choose a Reliable Garden Hose

by Aiden

¬A garden hose is one of the most essential pieces of outdoor equipment to have around in your home. It helps you manage your yard or garden and can also make outdoor cleaning chores easier. Because you can use it for many tasks, you must get yourself a reliable garden hose.

If you check out home improvement and hardware stores, you will find that there are numerous options when it comes to buying a garden hose. It is normal to stray away from the cheapest models, especially if you want to have a garden hose that can last for several seasons but the most expensive models do not necessarily mean it will suit your needs.

So, how can you determine if you are buying a reliable garden hose that will do the job for your personal needs? Here is a list of factors and tips that you should consider before making a final purchase.

Easy handling

If you need a hose that is easy to handle or move around, you should choose a vinyl garden hose. They are lightweight and are good enough to last long in areas with mild weather conditions. They are durable enough for lightweight to medium chores such as watering the lawn or garden and they are incredibly affordable.


When durability is what you prioritize in a reliable garden hose, you should pay special attention to the material. The most durable material for a garden hose is rubber. However, you should also know that rubber hoses are heavier and may be difficult for you to maneuver. But if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, they will last longer as the material can withstand the elements.

If you want something durable but lighter, go for a reinforced hose. The material can handle sharp objects and rough terrains since it has a protective outer coating. A reinforced hose is also cheaper compared to a rubber hose.

Fewer replacements

Garden hoses are exposed to a lot of situations that can crush their fittings. Replacing these parts can be expensive in the long run. To get fewer replacements, choose brass fittings – cast brass in particular. High-quality and high-class models actually use cast brass on their garden hoses.

Reduce leaks

If you want a garden hose that has fewer leaks, you should get one with a brass nozzle instead of a plastic one. When you attach a brass nozzle to the end of the hose, the water is delivered differently. An adjustable nozzle will give you more flexibility in your watering as well.

Reel it

The retractable garden hose reel is very popular these days because of the convenience they bring. The system comes with a mountable or portable case that also doubles as protective storage for the hose. You can choose an automatic or manual reeling system to reel in the garden hose back to the case where it gets coiled. They are a worthy investment considering how much you use your garden hose and can help lengthen the life of your garden hose, therefore making it a reliable garden hose.

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