What you should know before getting a Hammock

by Aiden

Like many other animals, humans enjoy their sleep while lying down. The word that best describes it is nature. It is a part of nature or completely natural for humans to sleep with their full body to a flat surface. A hammock is a good example of a comfortable surface for sleeping.

It is necessary for many people to feel comfortable while sleeping. And when you consider how gravity affects our body, it is clear that if you sleep while sitting or standing in an upright position, your body muscles will have to work hard to retain that posture. A hamac could be the perfect solution.

Sleeping in such a position can make it hard to sleep and prevent you from getting the needed rest. REM sleep is a phase of sleep where memories are packed. Lying down during this sleep phase ensures that you complete the stage without working your muscles.

Mattress or Hammock?

For many people, a mattress is a common and most efficient to sleep on. In some other parts of the world, the hammock is more of their style. It is also very popular in some parts of the world.

For people who have to feel discomfort when they sleep on a mattress, a hammock might just be what you need. People who use hammocks sing praises on how much it is beneficial to them and encourage people to try it out.

Though very little work has been done about detailed research on the subject, you might find some information here very helpful.

Benefits of using a Hammock

Many types of research done regarding hammocks were either only about babies or for adults, anecdotes. This led to some evidence that having a good rest in a hammock could have health benefits.

1. Sleep Deep

A study in 2011 showed that people who sleep in a swinging bed or hammock are more likely to sleep deeper. Activities in the brain of the people who participated showed that sleeping in a swinging bed fastens the process of being awake to being asleep. This process also makes it possible for your body to spend more time in a deep sleep.

This may be a result of the peaceful swinging effect on our brain. It is just like rocking a baby to sleep. Researchers say that rocking helps relaxation by creating a calming sensation. Gentle swinging motion stimulates internal sleep rhythm which helps you sleep deep.

However, that study is outdated and makes reference to small naps and not a regular 8 hour night rest. More research need to be conducted to fully understand the effect of a hammock on our sleeping quality.

2. Relief Pressure Point

When you sleep on a mattress, there is pressure on certain parts of your body called pressure points. Parts such as your shoulders, back, and your butt. Everyone knows that a good mattress will reduce pressure on those pressure points. But a badly designed mattress can have devastating effects on these pressure points.

A hammock is said to reduce pressure on such areas. The hammock does this by applying equal pressure on all parts of the body. Because its surface is more adaptable, a hammock molds with your natural body shape or curves.


Sleeping in a hammock can lead to back pain and pain in the neck for someone that is not used to it. But it is generally a good way to relax and even read a book while watching the sunset.

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